Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Not an Ending, but a Hiatus

Alas, here we are. October 31. The Jacquelyn Quilt is not completed, and it will not be completed by the end of October as I had planned. But, perhaps that's okay. I don't know what this month will bring, but there may be some stolen moments for quilting in the midst of the writing. If not, I may be in for a world of pain in December. I have at least two more quilt projects that I'm hoping to squeeze in in December, so I'm desperately hoping that I can find the time in November for tying up loose quilt ends.

The moral of the whole story is that one should not expect any updates from me in the month of November. The quilting Megan is signing off. Here's hoping I will be signing back on in December victorious.

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