Monday, November 12, 2007

Unexpected Progress, Still Slow

So, NaNoWriMo hasn't taken over my life as I thought it would. I'm still able to have time in the evening, as well as write. And I've still been able to make progress on the quilting front, albeit a tad bit slower than I would really like.

This past weekend was the Greater Chicago Quilt Expo, which was a wonderful excuse to buy fabric and get in the quilting spirit. I bought a sizeable amount of luscious oriental cottons, to be used on a quilt for Charles's Grandma. I have miraculously been able to find fabric that would not only work into the color scheme of her room, but also be an Asian theme (a special interest of hers), AND washable cotton. So, I have found the answer to the fabric puzzle, which is always exciting.

I'm trying to focus on this, and not the growing frustration that has been born from the fact that I have to go to separate places in town in order to get the items I need to quilt. Gone are the days when Jo Ann's was the answer to my problems. And gone are the days when a quilt shop is just a short drive away. So now I'm hitting all kinds of places around town in the search for things like good thread and wool batting. I now have to PLAN AHEAD. I have to coordinate my schedule and my quilt shopping schedule. And then whine about it.

So, Progress Check:

Jacquelyn's quilt is nearing completion. I have to put another border on the quilt top before I layer the three layers together and start to quilt.

I STILL have to sew on the label for Carlee's quilt. I don't know why I've been putting this task off for so long.

Grandma's quilt will be designed, pieced, and quilted before the trip to St. Louis for Christmas. I'm feeling like this is a definite possibility.

The quilt expo really gave me some great inspiration, and I'm hoping to actually get some quilting done for myself/my own experimentation next year. Maybe.

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