Friday, October 26, 2007

Really Struggling

I try and try and TRY to be good, but here I am, facing a self-imposed deadline that will not be met.

Let's review. The goal: finish two quilts by the end of October. And here's why: This year I will be participating in the National Novel Writing Month program, which means for the month of November I will be desperately trying to churn out 50,000 words of copy. With Thanksgiving factored in, this works out to between 2,000 and 3,500 words per day. It's a lot. But I'm hoping it's enough to get the writing kick-started to the place it needs to be. But, all of this means that there will be no moments left for crafting. Enter self-imposed deadline to have all things crafting completed by the end of October so I will have them before Christmas.

But problems. Problems.

My Baby Lock is angry at me again. I KNOW that I am doing SOMETHING wrong, but I just can't quite figure out what it is. This is the second time with the mondo problem, and I have to make it to the dealer again. I just want to sit down with someone and have them tell me, "Doing this is BAD. Just don't do it." But until that blessed, blessed day, it's down to my second-in-command, the Husqvarna. Which is turning out to be a piecing powerhouse, I have to say. But, when it comes to the quilting and making of labels, there's nothing like my Baby Lock.

The other variable in this entire equation is the fact that work has completely exploded on me this week, edging out all other non-sedentary activities. Seriously, the whole "eating well, staying active, staying on top of craftland" plan has gone down the tubes this week. It's been about getting home late, crashing early, getting up early and hitting Starbucks, getting to work early, and repeating the whole viscious cycle. I actually had a three-hour block of time to myself last night at home, and spent its entirety vegging out in front of the tube. I would have felt vaguely guilty about the whole thing, were it not for the fact that I have been working my toushie off.

So, the moral of the story is that YES, I could be working on the remainder of the Jacquelyn quilt on the backup machine, but NO I just don't feel up to the task. So, here I am, having to accept the fact that it will just not get done when I thought it would. In sum, to err is human, and to accept your limitations is divine.

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