Monday, April 21, 2008

New Projects?

Okay, so I confess to falling victim to something I would like to term as "Wedding Brain." It seems as though, no matter how small and simple a wedding you want, there are still zillions of tiny details that are involved. The closer we get to the actual day, the more there seems to do. But, through the mires of RSVP cards and ceremony details glimmers a beacon of the quilter within.

I have been half-heartedly playing at the quilting game. I started a v. small wall quilt for a friend of mine who has been jokingly requesting one for a year now. I have yet to put the pieces together and make this a quilt.

Next up is a quilt that I had meant for somebody, but is being instead repurposed for Charles and I. I had already bought all the fabric, so may as well do it. However, the fabric in question is slicky, and shifts very easily. This makes it a nightmare to work with, so I'm taking it slowly. Very slowly.

Finally, I want to use up a lot of the fabric that I have in my stash. I've been trying to think of what sort of quilt I want to work on with this material. Then I was inspired by television. I kid you not.

I was watching this episode of Ace of Cakes, where a girl visited the bakery and helped work on a cake as her wish for the Make a Wish foundation. The whole episode was pretty inspiring in terms of the power art and creativity can have for those who are facing serious illness or obstacles in their life. Then I remembered the Project Linus chapter I had contacted earlier this year.

Project Linus is an organization that gives homemade blankets (quilted, knitted, crocheted, doesn't matter) to children who are in traumatic situations, like in an abuse shelter or a hospital. The idea is that the kids, while stuck in a very sterile environment that isn't homey, get to have something that someone made for them. It's a morale booster, and from what I've read, it makes a big difference in these kids' lives. Check out their website:

So, fast forward to me sitting on my couch, watching Duff Goldman make a difference in this little girl's life through cakes. I became inspired, and now have the seedlings of a design for the next great quilt adventure.

And, don't worry, I have another surprise or two up my sleeve. If only this pesky wedding could take the backseat!

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