Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I want to go to a land where there are no sewing machines, no holiday deadlines, no mondo quilts.

My primary sewing machine jammed up on me. Turns out it was likely my fault, this time. I was using spray adhesive in a project, and it ended up in the guts of my machine. Apparently these kinds of things migrate up the needle, up the shaft, through the machine, until BAMMO! The machine gives up.

Fine. I took it into the dealer, dropped it off, desperately hoping to get it back before Saturday, switched quilts, and started working on the other machine. Then, out of the clear blue, the tension gets all wonky, and I can't fix the stitches. In fact, I spend a good twenty minutes ripping stitches out.

Two machines. Two quilts. And nothing is getting done.


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