Monday, December 3, 2007

Quilter's Depression

Things are not going well.

A couple of weekends ago, I set out to quilt together the layers of the Jacquelyn Quilt. I staked out the largest piece of floor space I could in our condo, which was in the kitchen. I spread out the bottom layer of fabric for the quilt. It didn't fit. I did my best to tape it into submission, figuring the rest of the quilt would fit in the space, it was just the extra inches of backing that were being unruly.

So, I centered and smoothed out the batting and the quilt top. In the process, I was just dorky enough to take a picture of the wrong side of the quilt top.

Look at all the pretty seams!

So, the quilt was laid out and prepped for the pinning. Take a moment to let the ridiculousness of what you're seeing sink in.

That's right. This is the largest stretch of open floor in our home,and a full-size quilt does not fit in it!

I spent two plus hours crawling around on the floor, inserting about 150-200 safety pins in the quilt to hold it together. My knees hurt for days. Not just to the touch, but when I put pressure on my legs, a shooting pain would slice through my shins/knees. After all of this, I turned over the quilt to see how I had done. There they were. Big honking wrinkles in the very center of the quilt.

I put the quilt in the corner for a day or so, hoping the wrinkles would go away. They didn't. I cried. Then I took the quilt apart.

The new plan is to set aside a day where we move our couch, our chofa, my sewing table, and the barstool table to create a full floor space for pin-basting the quilt. I'm currently putting this off until the Grandma quilt is ready for the same happy task. Then I can spend one day moving furniture and pin-basting both quilts.

Now all I need are knee pads!

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MOM said...

Jacquelyn loves her quilt and her Aunt Megan! The label on the back tells it like it is. This quilt was truly made with love!