Saturday, September 8, 2007

Progress continues, sort of

Last weekend marked the last weekend of summer, the last weekend of leaving work early on Fridays, and the last holiday until Thanksgiving. It was a weekend to regroup after the relentless pace of summer weekends. I had an itinerary of crafting planned, as well as some other adventures, and just being a house bum.

It all began with a trip downtown on Friday afternoon. After leaving work at noon (!!), I hopped on the El and toodled down to the loop. I have a book of walking tours downtown, and finally got around to taking one. True to form for me, I left my digital camera at work, so dashed into a CVS to get a disposable camera. I had hoped to be able to post some of the pics I took on the tour here, but since it wasn't my camera, I won't have those pics until I fill the camera and make it to a CVS to get them developed.

In the meantime, the quiet weekend alone quickly evolved into a weekend of catching up with friends. Little time for quilting was left.

But, I DID manage to carve out some time on Monday morning to do some fabric painting for the Maze Quilt. I spent about three hours and painted four pieces of fabric. Two of them were yellow, and I laid straight pins out to create the sunprint pattern. However, the pins were too small, and it didn't create a noticeable pattern. On top of that, the colors bled togeter in an unfortunate way, such that a beautiful color of yellow looks like someone bled on it. I'm thinking that I may have to supplement with a commercial fabric for the yellow portion.

Meanwhile, the red fabric turned out pretty well. I've posted some pics here. I used buttons on the red fabric to create the sunprint. See the entry on The Wendy Quilt if you don't know about sunprinting on fabric. This technique has been a favorite as of late, but I'm not sure that it's good when you're looking for something too specific in terms of print and color.

I also worked on another project, but will hold off on posting anything more on it, as I have yet to finish it. Suffice it to say, I'm excited about it. It was an experiement that turned out infinitely better, and different, than I anticipated. I'm eager to share it with all of you!

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Mom said...

This is my first time to your blog. I LOVE IT!
Your red fabric looks pretty. Are you happy with the red and buttons? What made you choose buttons? Do you plan to sew a button here and there for a 3-dimension affect?
I'm moving on to read your previous comments on previous days.